Marketing legend Gary Bencivenga told me about this near-secret book giving it very high praise indeed: "The best sales book I've ever read."

Until we put this book in print, it lived as a manuscript on the late Harry Browne's hard drive.

I got a copy from the author's widow and sure enough Gary was right.

So I undertook the not inconsiderable task of bringing this lost classic to print.

Who was Harry Browne?

Harry Browne was a master salesman, a successful entrepreneur, a best selling author and one of the first people to perfect the "info marketing" model back in the 1970s. Along the way, even found time to run for President.

Some of Harry's bestsellers include: "How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World" (1974), "How You Can Profit from a Monetary Crisis" (1974) and many others on investing and the Libertarian way of thinking.

Finally, we have a rock-solid, real-world guide to selling we can work with that's both sensible and ethical and is in keeping with the System way of doing things.

Thanks to Gary for first pointing the unpublished manuscript out to me and to Pamela Browne for allowing us the privilege of bringing this soon-to-be classic into print for the very first time.


Ken McCarthy
Founder of the System Seminar

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The book is literally "hot off the presses."

I've only printed 1,000 copies total and I'm not sure that I'll be printing any more. We have only a few copies left in stock.

The Secret of Selling Anything
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